Saturday, February 9, 2008

3D city

This is a 3D city that I made out of Bristol paper for my 3D problem
solving class. My city is a Shangra-La of Chinese togo boxes with sushi
door matts lol. I made a book that I stab bound that housed all the patterns,
diagrams and back story of my city so that others could remake it:)

Friday, February 8, 2008

sense of place flash stills

These are flash stills from the website version of the
Sense of place book. Each object was part of a big picture
that when you clicked on a specific thing ( ex. bird ) it would
take you to that page ( with lots and LOTs of birds) :)

sense of place book

In the "Sense of Place" book, we had to document a specific
place with photographs taken by us, and text provided by us
( us being "We" the designers) I choose St. Petersburg Harbor
it had just rained so everything had this dark overtone to it
I loved making this book.

matcha tea package

This is a package design I did for my 3D class last semester.
Our assignment was to design packaging or Matcha tea ( which if
you didnt know is a really really really old school green tea that
the monks used to make). Each part fits inside the main Matcha tea
box. I actually went all out and bought the tea,
which is a powder
that you have to make. 20 bucks! I havent touched
it so
if anyone wants some ancient tea call me:)